There is always something on, with our HD televisions placed to allow every seat the perfect view, to our function room for private hire or great nights planned. 
Just the one glass please
Ladies Night

A glass of complimentary wine with every main meal ordered with a choice of cocktails and specials on.

Don't let the picture fool you, we tried to order those glasses and hope one day to have one but in the mean time a healthy pour in to a normal glass will have to do.


Every Thursday from 8pm

Beer and cheer
Happy Hour

When a pub can celebrate the company of its locals and offer through our specials sensible and careful amounts of what is as a great man once said The cause and solution to, all life's problems. 


Weekdays between 5-7pm

Good food
Sunday Dinner

Enjoy with your family or duck away on your own for a pint and sample what the chef has to offer. The chef enjoys mixing things up and see's the Sunday dinner as his opportunity to offer some classics or something a bit new. either way be prepared for a culinary delight. 


From 11am-3pm we serve your favorite Sunday roast

Function Room

Get in early and book our private function area for your special occasion. We have a unique corner dedicated for the kids and a dance floor area for any entertainers you might want to bring or allow us assist you in booking. 

The room has its own bar and facilities that will allow you and your guests enjoy the day/night. 

Contact us and inquire on availability. 

Good food